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Now, it came to the exciting part:QURAN AND MODERN SCIENCE!!!

Usually, science and fact are always related to Atheist, am I right?!

These were the general perceptions Brother Shah mentioned in his talk:
  1. Science is based on Rational, Test, Research, Proof and Fact.
  2. Religion is based on 'Blind Following'
  3. Science and Technology lead to Progress.
  4. Religion keeps us backward.
  5. The BEST issue is :EVOLUTION THEORY!!!!

Analogy: If we want to produce a protein, we need the protein. So same goes to human beings. Am I right? (this is the only I remembered from the talk. Science is not my expertise, sorry!)

Science proves God exists. ( I can't elaborate more, sorry again)
  1. Albert Einstein
  2. General Theory of Relativity
    • Universe is expanding
    • Universe would shrink if we travel to the past
    • Universe is created from point of Singularity (No time, no space, no matter)
  3. Photos
  4. Intelligent Design
Islamic view
  1. Creation by Design, not Random/by Chance - No room for mistakes!!!
  2. So, there must be a DESIGNER!!!
  3. Universe is a complex design.
  4. And Who is the Creator?! (you know the answer)
  5. And God exists before the point of singularity and He is not a subject to time and space.
Study Science: Sunnatullah-Law of ALLAH
It is also related to Divine Destiny=Qada' and Qadar=Cause and Effect

Al Khawarizmi- Algorithm
Ibn Sina-Canon of Medicine
Ibn Hayyan- Chemistry
Ibn Khaldun-Sociologist
Ibn Rushd-Jurist Philosopher Medicine
Al Zahrawi-Father of Modern Surgery

Please!! Be Proud!!!!

And, in the Holy Quran, there are verses which mention the scientific facts.

(13: 2, 6: 101) The Formation of Universe
(51:47) The Expanding Universe
(21:30) The separations of Earth and Heavens
(21:33, 36:38, 51:7) Orbits
(39: 5, 31:29, 79:30) The Spherical Earth
(21:32) The Well Guided Sky
(2:29, 41:21) Layers of Atmosphere
(21:31, 78:6-7) Mountain
(57:25) Iron
(51: 49, 36:36) Duality in Creation (pairs)
(22:47, 32:5, 70:4) Relativity of Time
(43:11, 30:48) Rain
(55: 19-20) Separated Sea
(23:14, 23:13, 22:5, 53: 44-46) Embryology
(75:4) Finger print
(30: 1-4) Byzantine Empire's Victory
(4:82) The proof AlQuran comes from Allah
(6: 155-156) AlQuran is always up to date

***to be continued***

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