Wednesday, January 20, 2010

...ceritera marjon 2...

ni kesah kami di marjon 2...

this is the story of MJ 2
When north meets south, east meets west
here in KB, where we meet.

like a mother she is
strict at time, soft sometimes
sweet and sour, our life with her
that's our tutor, Miss Yusmiza

tall and short, sitting next to each other
Tong and Safwan always together.

this pair dislike pair
one tanned, another fair
Wawa and Husna, the chicky duo

Ada and Yah, our motherly pair
lovely and caring, spread the happiness in the air

jogging everyday on the field
one objective to be achieved
like Tyra Banks they want to be
that's our chubby Nik and Ummi

pairs that are not alike
sometimes loose, sometimes tight
they are Shanta and the Ustaz

both are 21. but aren't really so
Hana and Nad do not know how to sew

Miss Besta and Miss Lappie, sitting next to each other quietly
staring at the screen all the day, May and Jiha are the cutties

skinny and wenny, they are naughty
michievous they are, Zue and Maggie

pious and devoted they are
one dances when talk, one laughs when speak
Ayien and Aisyah are their names

Din and Appy, the closest brother they are
together they share, whatever they are

devil and angel, Molly and Jen
the brainy of the class

Scottish and Ireland are their natives,
once they speak, everyone laugh
Fiza and Farah, how gay they are

like water and fire,
they contrast each other
Syahid and Zeti best friends forever

Alone is not lonely
sitting at the back
observing those who are sleepy
that's Khairun Sofea who is always happy

*thanks to Zue, Mages, Pia, Maymay, Jiha n all my frens yang kreatif mencipta poem ni..

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nadiahs said...

ada makin rajen memblog kn diri..
wat ar blog mj2..

nur shuhada binti miskin said...

blog mj2??
bkan wan dh buat ka??